Connecting publishers, e-course providers,
and learners worldwide.

Designed by education practitioners and crafted by artists, PageWerkz defines e-learning for the next digital generation: an app-based platform with worldwide reach and no internet boundaries.  Within the PageWerkz ecosystem, your content can reach a global audience with your branded native apps for all devices - whether on phone, tablet, or computer. We partner with you to create, deliver, and reach new markets, even to places where access to a constant broadband connection is a challenge.

Learn more below about how to move forward quickly with PageWerkz.

Your Brand | Your App.

Use the PageWerkz® platform to quickly launch your own branded app without hiring a single developer.

Enable Learning Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device | Really.

PageWerkz® patented system allows e-learning to occur on all devices, even without a stable internet connection.

Reach Markets Worldwide | On us.

Leverage on our wholesale marketplace that spans across 6 continents, with access to 5 million end users and growing. Let us do the cross selling for you.

Go digital | On Us.

Let us worry about (and pay for) the expensive stuff in turning your static content into interactive courses and workbooks on apps, so you only need to worry about selling them to your customers! You can use our platform to turn your back list into a completely new revenue channel!