Enable Learning Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device | Really.

eLearning promises to increase learning productivity in corporations quite unlike any other form of learning initiatives.

But what if there is no internet? Or what if the broadband ‘pipe’ just isn’t wide enough to accommodate 500 individuals streaming such high quality content at the same time from the same place? Online learning demands that the learner has continuous and uninterrupted broadband internet access. Otherwise, bandwidth ‘heavy’ content such as high definition videos and complex graphics may not be viewed smoothly; or they may just take too long to load that users become bored and irritated with the entire process of accessing learning content. It could become a challenge in territories where the presence of such internet wireless infrastructure is not yet ready or ubiquitous.

PageWerkz overcomes these challenges by redesigning the manner in which e-learning takes place to enable true learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.  Here's how we do it:

Native On All Devices

PageWerkz delivered as native apps on all devices (WindowsOS, MacOS, iOS, AndroidOS, ChromeOS), optimising the user experience, whether you're using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Across Devices

With PageWerkz, what you do on one device will be updated on all other devices registered to the same account, so learners do not need to worry about redoing whatever they have done in school.  And this powerful synchronisation process can take place even in brief and intermittent internet connection!

With this, we could start work on our iPhone while on the way to school, continue to work on the school's Android tablet in class, and complete the work at home on the desktop --- everything's saved, and synchronised.

Internet Free!

PageWerkz enables e-learning to take place even when offline, yet enabling synchronization of feedback and submissions to the cloud even when there is intermittent Internet connection. And learners can consume the learning content through native PageWerkz Apps on different computing and mobile devices seamlessly with the same elegant user-experience.