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By leveraging the PageWerkz Ecosystem, you can monetize your content in new markets with little to no financial investments - minimizing risk, while increasing reward.

The PageWerkz Ecosystem: a wholesale e-learning marketplace

Just by being in a marketplace doesn't mean customers will know about the product you're selling. In fact, content providers that place their products in an online marketplace often find themselves having to invest substantially to draw 'footfall' to their site.  And even that does not necessarily lead to a sale.


This is NOT how we work at the PageWerkz Marketplace because you DON'T need to invest in marketing to pitch a sale in another market within our marketplace!


This is all possible because we have built a strong global network of both publishers and schools from across the globe. This partnership network is an integral part of the PageWerkz Ecosystem, connecting content providers with content consumers, facilitating the sale, flow and adoption of content in bulk (thus `wholesale') through our relationships with our partners on both sides of the ecosystem, and more importantly our understanding of pedagogy, assessment and education needs of learners.

Forget about marketing to customers you don't already know. Let us CROSS sell for you.

We actively seek out the appropriate consumers in our network to recommend just the right learning content (in our provider network) for them to consider, and such content could be from you!  Armed with an intimate understanding of our consumer partners' needs, Amdon can recommend appropriate changes that you could make in order to fit your content suit our partners' mass adoption and deployment in a bulk sale.